Business Owners Beware - Bogus Link Building is Back

Business Owners Beware – Bogus Link Building is Back

Business Owners Beware - Bogus Link Building is Back - Callers and emails are misrepresenting MOZ Domain Authority as a Google SEO metric.

Business Owners Beware - Bogus Link Building is Back

Back In circa 2010, bogus link building was all the rage. Nefarious SEO firms would convince business owners that Google uses links as a SEO metric, and you would rise to the top in search returns for all your services and products (as long as some low value web page no one visits points to it).

But Google busted everyone including some big names like JC Penny and BMW.

Now they are back using a new trick.


What is a link? What is link building?

What they are referring to is called a "backlink". Backlinks are commonly referred to as incoming linksinbound linksinlinks, or inward links that lead to your website. 

If the local news does a story on your business they may create a link to your website in their story for their readers. That's a "backlink". Or, if you hired a web designer, way down at the very bottom of your business site, in tiny type, there is a link to the designer's site. That's a backlink. It's any hypertext (clickable or touchable) that leads to your site from any other site.

Link Farms
Link Farms

But the calls and emails your receive are from "link farms". These are servers full of low value sites (no one visits them) that have a few lines of text and a link to your site.

The problem is these "link farms" land you in trouble with Google. Sometimes really deep trouble too. Try asking Ask JC Penny. <---(Backlink for Search Engine Land).

Yes, Google uses backlinks in the algorithm - but they also realize that most small business backinks come from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..not USA Today or CNN, so the link farms are very easy to spot.

And you get penalized by Google. So you go DOWN in the listings, not UP.

Business Owners Beware - Bogus Link Building is Back

Business Owners Beware - Bogus Link Building is Back

In Spring of 2019, Moz (a Seattle software firm) announced it had updated its Domain Authority (DA) score. Now we would like to say that some novice, SEO firms confuse the DA metric with an internal metric used by Google. This is fueled in no small part by sketchy SEO agencies and vendors that pitch their ability to “improve your Domain Authority.” And of course the best way to do this???

Link Building!!!!

What a surprise....

Google is a black box. Outside of few and far between insights, little is known about exactly how Google ranks search results. So these firms pitch Domain Authority (DA) as the best metric to date that can predict how likely a website will rank, and, therefore, not only should you be monitoring your DA carefully, since DA uses 4 measured metrics and links to your website is one of them, YOU MUST BUILD LINKS!!!.

Bogus Link Building is Back - THE PITCH


My name is "Obi-Wan"

MOZ updated their algorithm with some big changes. In a nutshell, business websites that had low-quality backlinks from untrusted sites got penalized in Google Searches.

So if you want to improve your Domain Authority (DA) you need high-quality backlinks...... (BLAH-BLAH-BLAH)

So they tell you that since MOZ updated their software, that business rankings changed in Google.


If your only takeaway as a business owner is LINK BUILDERS GET YOU IN TROUBLE WITH GOOGLE. Great.

DA has no influence on your Google rankings. Your Moz DA score can drop through the floor and land in the basement and your rankings in Google will not change as a result.

Focus on the bigger picture.

Content Marketing. And everything will fall into place.

And don’t be fooled by sales pitches that promise to help improve your Domain Authority through link building.

It does far more harm than good.

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