Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 – Part 4 – On Page SEO

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO is needed to give you the very best chance to rise to the top in Google Searches.

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

This is the 4th of a 5 part series on small business SEO best practices and tips in 2019, and how utilizing these can bring life to your online presence. These are generally referred to as Google Best Practices.  And it’s what O2 Real does for clients, day in and day out. 

Small Business SEO Tips 2019

In 2019 we take a look at;

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

In Part 3, we discussed the need to to write quality content and use technical SEO to insure proper indexing in Google Search Return Pages (SERP) by using content marketing.

Here we look at some basic SEO tips.

First, make sure your post has it's own URL on YOUR domain,

Because it's here is where most businesses slip up. When you engage in a content marketing strategy, the sole object is to drive traffic to your website, either from social media sites or search return pages on Google and Bing. But here in the US, over 60% of business blogs are set up incorrectly. Far more than half of all company blogs/news/update pages don’t benefit your company at all when it comes to SEO. Standard SEO Google best practice is to have a blog located in a subdirectory on your domain.



The primary goal of content marketing is to show up in Google searches for product, service and location area served keywords. In order to have a fighting chance, you need to use every SEO best practice rule in the book.

Now that you have a responsive website, and have set up a blog correctly, as well as ensured your blog posts each have their very own URL, you are primed to get started.

Google and Bing algorithms (Yahoo is no longer a search engine and uses both services, depending on the search phrase) each contain hundreds of factors, they change search criteria almost daily, and never disclose what the parameters are to anyone. SEO is, and always will be, an inexact science. But when it comes to BIG factors like mobile friendliness and website loading speed, Google will share what is most helpful for SEO.

But the one thing that can make a huge difference is On-Page SEO.

Simply put, there are numerous ways to increase SEO, Oddly, online website builders and "sloppy" website firms often miss the basics. For example, you cannot do any SEO on images or videos (which is a big part of on-page SEO) on any DIY online website builder.

And that is sad, because it's a great tool to increase SEO.

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

Web Page Text SEO Hints

  • Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO - text sep tipsTry to use 300 words or more. It's hard to convince Google that it's worth reading (and indexing by the Google Bots), when it's under 300 words.
  • Shoot for 1 to 3% keyword content - more than that may get you penalized for keyword stuffing, less and it may not work for you at all.
  • Write for humans and not for the search bots and spiders - cramming keywords can turn off readers as completely unnatural.
  • Utilize H1, H2 and H3 and include the keywords and long-tails (bold and italics don't factor for SEO).
  • Use Structured Data Markup for Rich Snippets, Rich Cards Featured Snippets and more (more on that in part 5)

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

Basic Image SEO Tips

  • Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO - text sep tipsDon't upload the file name the your camera spits out (07082018947.jpg) - rename it using the same keyword for that web page post.
  • Title the image using your chosen keyword
  • Google looks at the "Alternate Text" for a description of the image - add 4-10 words here, but no more - and include the keyword phrase.
  • Add a description to the image, include the keyword again, but no more than a sentence or two.
  • Add a Caption to the image - This text appears under the image as text and is a great way to boost keyword ratio to text.
  • For multiple images on a single post, vary the filenames, Title, Alt and desc., while continuing to embed the selected keyword or long-tail phrase for that post. Remember, none of this works on GoDaddy or any other DYI webpage builder. The Build-Your-Own-Website builders block image indexing. And that seriously hurts your on-page SEO. (get a real website)
  • You'll want to use a professional image manipulation software such as Photoshop. Google strongly suggests putting your logo in as many photos as possible.
  • Also, try to keep your images in K not M Smartpone pics are M Website pics should be K. 100-200 K is good; Remember that a search user may be far from a 4G tower and stuck in 3G territory. The lower resolution looks fine on a phone and loads much quicker.

Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO

Basic On-Page Video SEO Tips

  • Make sure you utilize a separate landing page for each video so search Small Business SEO Tips 2019 - Part 4 - On Page SEO - video tipsengines can find and index each video asset individually. Multiple videos on a single page doesn't help SEO the same way images do. Additionally, multiple videos on a single page will slow the page load speed significantly, especially on mobile devices.
  • Don't allow videos to auto-start. We have all been on websites where two separate videos start auto-playing on the same landing page at the same time. Don't give users a reason to quickly hit the back button, especially if they are searching at work. Additionally, Google now penalizes websites that auto-play video.
  • Be sure to populate the hidden tags in the HTML code of your video landing pages, specifically Facebook’s OpenGraph tags,’s microdata tags, and even Twitter Card tags are a good idea.
  • Add video transcriptions directly to the HTML text of each of the pages where you have videos. Transcriptions give your viewers the option to “read” a video if they can’t watch or listen to it, while also providing the keyword richness that a search engine needs.

These are the basics. O2 Real uses these and more for our valued clients.

By using Google Best Practices SEO on your new pages, you give Google the tools they need to properly index your page for the SERP.

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