Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

Being a small business owner is a rough job. Leave the Small Business SEO heavy lifting to a qualified company to dominate the digital landscape known as Google.

Small Business SEO

As a small business owner, you need to know that while it's imperative to have a website, it's also important to engage a company versed in content marketing.


Because there is only so much that can be done with a 5-10 page website as far a SEO is concerned. And if any agency is telling you that they can cover all the keyword and locality searches that are relevant to to your business with just a website, look for a different agency.

Owning a small business is difficult. Small business marketing is even more daunting.

And the black-box nature of SEO can make it the most difficult form of marketing your business on the digital landscape (search engines and social media). Yet, there is little that can compete with strong, organic search engine visibility to promote your small business. Organic listings build trust with local customers, and all the best business relationships are always built on a foundation of trust.

Small Business SEO - O2 Real

Small Business SEO - O2 Real

SEO encompasses many different disciplines, from keyword research to schema coding for rich snippets to embedded information in images to, well, about 100's of things.

We tell our customers that the best way to look at this is to consider that a search engine is just a referral engine —  it's a tool that provides the best answers to users’ questions (Note that Google has 94% of the search engine market). For your small business to truly succeed in this search landscape, you must do everything in your power to be the best result for a query. Whatever your prospective customers need to make a decision, be driven to provide it. This has the benefit of helping you convert more clicks to customers as well, so this is your best all-around approach to marketing your business.

For small businesses, the main SEO areas to consider will be:

  • Website. A well-structured, fast, mobile-responsive website is essential.
  • Content. Your content should help demonstrate why a customer should choose you over a competitor.
  • Content Marketing. News/Updates/Blog content will put you in front of a wider audience.
  • On-page. Basic optimization is important on every page including blog posts.
  • Local SEO. Small local businesses need to consider local SEO best practices.
  • Authority building. Links, even from social media, are still highly correlated with strong search engine results.
  • Credibility. Portfolios, case studies, reviews and testimonials can all be optimized.

All of the above fits under Google Best Practices.

And why does Content Marketing work?

When done correctly, each "update" is created as it's one PAGE on your WEBSITE with it's OWN URL. This is important because Google and Bing (99% of searches) index Web PAGES. 

Additionally, each post will have all SEO efforts directed to support the particular keyword/locality/schema coding assigned to that page so it appears in the search results for that particular query.

Beware of companies that make promises of "first page" or "first listings" as it's up to someone else, in this case Google or Bing to decide placement, not the SEO agency. So it's pie in the sky talk and you should run in the opposite direction.

Also, if the agency you are speaking to is focusing on "building links" for your site... look for another agency. While a link to your site from another high quality site is a good thing, these link farms are low quality links that actually are more likely to penalize you in the listing rather than help you.

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