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Spartanburg Website Builders - SEO - Marketing

Every business owner wants to grow their business. Unfortunately, many (but not all) "SEO" companies tell you "The SEO is in the coding". To a certain extent, that is true (more on that in a bit). But the simple truth is you can't possibly "Keyword" your business website for every keyword and and "long-tail" search term (search terms of 4 words or more like "Stuffed Pizza in Rochester"). It can't be done. But it's a good way to "hide" what they are NOT doing anything for you.

The reality is your business website MUST be "keyed" with your business name first and foremost. This is to insure "Word of Mouth" search returns.

In order to generate new traffic to your website and increase business you need to utilize an agency that abides by "Google Best Practices" where they add a page dedicated to each keyword or long-tail applicable for your line of business. One way to do this is on an "Update" or "News" tab, and it must be on your domain and not in a sub-domain (where lazy website builders and build-your-own sites drop them - adding zero authority to your domain). And the keyword must be in the domain URL for that page. And it must be schema coded for any events, products, videos, or even local service areas.

In short, this is known as Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis, primarily by choosing keywords and long-tails that are of interest.

Then, eventually, when customers make a purchase decision, their loyalty already lies with you. They will purchase your product or service and prefer it over competitors’ options.

First - A Short Lesson On SERP (Search Engine Return Pages)

There are many (most SEO Sites suggest over 100) different factors that contribute to what content is prioritized and listed first on the Google SERP. The factors that weigh most heavily are:

  • Keyword relevance. Unsurprisingly, the more the keywords on your website that align with a users’ search, the more likely it will be that your content will appear higher in a search’s results page.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Fast. Google and Bing will show mostly mobile-responsive listings whenever possible and also rank websites by speed.
  • Domain authority. This is why some of those enormous companies always seem to rank first. Sites with higher domain authority will be given priority in the algorithms because search engines know they can trust these sites. Also, factors like links to and from the site and the length of time a site URL has been around can all affect this score.
  • Dwell Time - Dwell time is the amount of time visitors spend on your site. People do like comprehensive and well-structured content, so they will read instead of quickly scroll. This is the opposite of "Bounce Rate" where the back button is hit quickly. Google monitors both, and a longer dwell time indicates people are reading.
  • The user’s physical location. Users who are searching for a tattoo artist in Pittsburgh don’t want to see results for a tattoo parlors in Boston, so Google will automatically take location into consideration. This goes for "near me" searches that represent nearly one third of phone searches on Google .
  • The user’s browsing history. What a user searches for will impact what search results they see, even if the result differences for the same query between separate users generally are incredibly subtle. On a side note, many business owners are lulled into complacency since Google generally knows they have been to their website many times, so it appears that they "rule the roost". In actuality, a business owner should download a different browser such as Firefox or Brave, and search Google in incognito mode (signing into Google defeats the purpose) for Real, Pure Search Results.

Note - Keywords are one or two word searches.

Think - "Sneakers Greenville"

Long-Tails are longer, more specific searches such as...

"Puma Clyde Blue Suede Sneakers Greenville"

Generally speaking, the longer a search term the more likely the customer is in a buying mode. That's what makes long-tail keywords so effective.

Spartanburg Website Builders - SEO - Content Marketing

Spartanburg Website Builders - SEO - Marketing

In the early days of the internet, circa 2000, Google was about one year old, there was no YouTube, no Facebook. And The Yahoo and Google listings (there was no Bing either) was simply a long list of blue hypertext links and nothing else. No answer boxes, no map 3 pack, no rich snippets or rich feature listings. And even weirder, we were all tethered to desks as most homes had dial-up internet. Today we are never offline (unless you are in the middle of nowhere in 3G land and have a phone with 5% battery left).

Back then, you got a domain and gave your website builder your company logo or brochure and up went a simple site.

But let's get back to the present. What are Rich Snippets, Feature Listings, Answer Boxes, Local 3-Pack and more in the Google Search Returns?

What do they all have in common? 

Text SEO, Image SEO, Video SEO and Schema Coding (yes...there is the REAL back-end coding!)

They all require CODING and all of the "Build Your Own Sites" like Weebly, WIX and the like, prohibit back end coding. Worse, the back end coding that makes "drag and drop" so easy for you confuses Google. It's not unusual for Build Your Own Sites to disappear by the thousands in Google for weeks at a time.

And even better, all this coding is on EVERY Content Marketing post, for every keyword or long-tail search term.

And this gets you in the Google Listings.

A simple search for "Halloween Parties in Spartanburg" last October on a phone.

Small Business Guide to Online Marketing - 2019 - special event snippets

2 of the Top 3 listings due to the coding efforts of O2 Real.

The first listing for Party City is obvious at this time of year.

The second listing is their main website because it has a page that mentions "Halloween Party: and they are in Spartanburg.

The third listing is an EVENT listing done through schema coding in the (unseen) back end of the page in a manner that Google understands.

A phone search for "Friday Night Live Music Spartanburg"

Spartanburg Website Builders - SEO - Marketing - Schema Coding

Lots going on in August... but look at that FIRST EVENT listing. Shotz Pub again. You can also just barely see, Shotz Pub is also the first organic listing beneath the 3-pack.

We also have clients in other parts of the country. Like Tampa

This is call a "Feature Snippet". It's one of our clients in Tampa Florida.

And it's always the First Listing (Notice there was no location specified and they were still number 1).

The type font is much larger, the description is longer. and it includes an Image. 

How much is something like this worth to your business?

On to another client of ours...

Small Business Guide to Online Marketing - Featured listing

The Dechoker is also sold by Walmart and Amazon, but our client in Georgia owns this search for "Baby Dechoker" and yes, another Feature Snippet. Featured Snippets average about 87% of the clicks on a search return page. It's easy to see why.

Then there is the "answer box".

You seen them on common searches. For instance, "What is Executive Protection?"

Spartanburg Website Builders - SEO - Marketing - Answer Box

Here is a case where we saw an opportunity for one of our clients to gain more exposure, with Schema Coding!!!!

At O2 Real, we believe in optimizing beyond the first page. Maintaining a conversion-based focus toward all optimization efforts ensures that we are fixated on the results that truly matters to our valued clients.


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