Like most Internet Marketing Companies, O2 REAL℠ and our affiliates cannot issue refunds for the services that we render. This is including but not limited to website designs, internet marketing services, photography, social media, graphics work, print work, logo work, and content writing, business certifications, vendor registrations, etc.. We take a careful approach to helping you get the best Internet exposure possible. We can guarantee the use of the most current SEO practices possible, using only “white hat” SEO techniques to help you grow your rankings and traffic. Also, if given a long-term opportunity, we can guarantee that you’ll see higher rankings and traffic from all of our efforts.

O2 REAL℠ & our affiliates do not have control over the policies, and practices, of third party companies/ websites such as, but not limited to, Google, Bing, Yahoo, or similar sites/ directories.

O2 REAL℠ & our affiliates do not have control over third party social media companies and practices such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar platforms/ businesses.

Clients assume all risk & responsibility for all respective clients’ website(s) content, photos, social media content, and graphics. Clients also assumes all risk, and responsibility, for content that is posted to any social media website, by O2 REAL℠ & our affiliates, on the clients’ behalf.

Monthly Marketing Plans Cancellation Policy

O2 REAL℠ & our affiliates clients on an ongoing monthly marketing plan may cancel their plan, by providing 30 days written notice. O2 REAL℠ & our affiliates do not refund partial month payments. Cancellation only applies after the 30-day cancellation waiting period is over. Client will be charged for any work done during the 30 cancellation period.

Note: Clients who receive a new website design, as part of an ongoing monthly marketing plan, are not eligible to cancel their plan until the full terms of the contract are completed. If the client cancels prior to the termination date set forth in the contract for services, the total of all unpaid pending monthly charges will be owed. If the balance for services are not paid within 10 days of cancellation all work that has been performed under the contract will be removed from the Internet.

Refund Policy Contact

If you have any questions about the refund policy, please address them to

Billing Policy

General Billing

O2 REAL℠ has adopted a billing policy all customers must comply with:

  • All accounts are set up on a prepay basis unless otherwise specified on a per client basis. Payment must be received by O2 REAL℠ before any products or services are activated.
  • All International clients must pay by credit card. O2 REAL℠ will not accept international checks.
  • Customers are responsible for keeping all credit card information current. All changes must be communicated to O2 REAL℠ including changes to credit card type and expiration date, as well as a current e-mail address.
  • All recurring charges are automatically generated, invoiced, and charged to the credit card on file according to contractual agreement. This includes monthly, quarterly and yearly charges.
  • Invoice and payment receipts are available to customers upon request.

Billing Period

Billing periods begin upon invoicing.  Each customer is committed to the remaining term of the billing period and no refunds will be given.  Customers are not required to use products or services during the period.  Customers are free to close accounts at any time without any termination charges or fees.

In event of cancellation, O2 REAL℠ will not pro-rate any return for unused service and all outstanding invoices must be paid in full. For example, if a customer has an account paid monthly and decides to close it a few days after the last payment, no refund will be issued, whether in full or pro-rated.

By using O2 REAL℠ products and services, each customer understands and agrees to this billing period and understands that while no refund will be issued, customers are always free to keep accounts open for access for the full amount of time billed.

Billing Disputes

As a current or prior customer of O2 REAL℠, each customer agrees to provide O2 REAL℠ 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third party, credit card company or bank. O2 REAL℠ must be the first option in billing disputes.

Should O2 REAL℠ receive a chargeback or other reversed charge from a third party, Credit Card Company or bank on the customer’s behalf before O2 REAL℠ has been given a chance to resolve the issue, O2 REAL℠ has the right to collect on the rendered services and any fees associated with those disputes.

O2 REAL℠ charges a $35.00 Chargeback Fee per chargeback should a credit card company be used as a first resort in a billing dispute.

Not all billing disputes may be settled to a customer’s satisfaction.  Once O2 REAL℠ has been given first right to settle a billing dispute, a customer may then use any third party, Credit Card Company or bank in an attempt to settle the dispute.

However, O2 REAL℠ still retains the right to collect on any rendered services or fees that are due. Should O2 REAL℠ be unable to reverse any disputed amounts with a third party, credit-card company, or bank, O2 REAL℠ will submit the full delinquent amount to a third party collection service.

Payment Methods

O2 REAL℠ accepts payments via Credit Card and ACH.  Payment by check is on a per customer basis and must be agreed to by O2 REAL℠.  Checks must be paid in US dollars and issued from a US bank.

O2 REAL℠ currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Billing Cycle

  • Credit Card Billing: All credit cards are submitted and input by the customer unless otherwise specified.
  • Late Fee: All accounts more than 5 days past due will be assessed a late fee of $35.00. Three attempts to contact the customer will be made before any late fee is assessed.
  • Disabled: All accounts 10 days past due will be disabled until balances are paid in full. When disabled, all access will be suspended and data will be unavailable.
  • Collections: After an account is delinquent for 30 days, it will be deactivated. The account record and delinquent balance may be passed on to a third party collection service. Once deactivated, the customer will be required to pay a new application fee when customer decides to start up services again in the future in the amount of $150.00.
  • Chargebacks: If a customer initiates a chargeback, either by mistake or fraudulently, O2 REAL℠ will assess a $35.00 processing fee for each individual chargeback. Once a chargeback has been received, O2 REAL℠ will immediately suspend the account until the matter is resolved. If a chargeback against O2 REAL℠ is performed by a customer to avoid payment (fraudulent chargeback), we will assess the $35.00 fee and add it to the account total. This will then be turned over to a third party collection service.
  • Returned Checks: O2 REAL℠ charges a $50.00 processing fee on all returned checks.
  • Collections Fee: In the event an account is submitted to third party collections service, a $50.00 processing fee will be assessed. This fee is in addition to any other fee previously assessed on the account.


O2 REAL℠ will not issue any refunds outside the explicit terms of the agreement, whether in full or pro-rated.  All refunds are on a per customer basis and will be made by company check within 30 days of receipt of cancellation.


Due to security concerns (such as fraudulent cancellations), all monthly service subscription cancellations must be done through a O2 REAL℠ representative.  E-mail, fax, or other media requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation. Only phone conversations with a O2 REAL℠ representative will create a cancellation request.

Each customer will receive an email confirmation upon the cancellation of the account.  Customers are encouraged to keep records of all cancellation communication.

Cancellations will take effect on the last day of the billing period in which the cancellation request was received.

  • Closing an account with O2 REAL℠ cannot be done by simply canceling the credit card.
  • O2 REAL℠ will continue to treat this as an open account and send it through our billing cycle. The end result is a past due account that will be turned over to a third party collection service.
  • It is imperative that account cancellation is done by contacting an O2 REAL representative to ensure account closure.
  • Cancellation of an account does not necessarily close that account. Any account balance past due or delinquent must be settled before closing of an account is possible. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance are automatically turned over to a third party collection service.

For any questions or concerns about our Billing Policy, please contact O2 REAL℠ at 864-256-1533.

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